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Writing my BSc thesis on renewable energy promotion policies I found participation in International Student Energy Summit in Norway to be a great opportunity of sharing and enriching knowledge of mine. Panel discussion with experts supporting both: fossil and renewable resources made me to rethink how I understand these widely discussed topics. On top of that having a chance to chit-chat with most of them during the informal events of the Summits gave a good understanding about the political side of the game that is often hard to interpret on the news. In addition to all these discussions I had a great opportunity to network with multiple representatives from companies like Shell or StatCraft that are considered to be one of the best employers in the energy market, which is a great experience having in mind that I strong interest in relating my future career with energy markets. ISES 2013 was a great event and I am grateful to Leif Mutén Society for help covering my traveling expenses.

Martynas Stankevičius
Class of 2013
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga


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