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Reinis Novickis:

To begin with, I would like to say a huge thank you to Leif Mutén Society and the Alumni Association for offering this extra-ordinary opportunity. Receiving the email with confirmation of a place in REB Forum 2016 came as a pleasant surprise.

For me it was the first time attending such high quality event as Riga Economic and Business Forum 2016, therefore, I did not really know what to expect. It turned out to be a really great experience and I warmly advise everyone to look for and attend such events.

How the forum took place: it all started with networking. As for me it was also for the first time, it made me even more certain that networking is a skill to master. Networking in this kind of events surely can widen your connections. Networking was followed by the core part of the forum. It was divided in 3 different panel discussions (shadow economy and tax system, competitiveness and technology, and labour market and education). Usually you expect that some parts of a forum will be better and some worse, but it was not the case here. All three panel discussions were extremely interesting and valuable. Hearing thoughts and comments from such highly-educated panel speakers was priceless. I went home with more knowledge and ideas and, in my opinion, you can’t really ask more from such an event like REB Forum 2016.

To sum up, REB Forum 2016 was an event to remember. Such valuable insights and comments for industry leaders I had not gained for quite a while. Moreover, the overall atmosphere was enjoyable. Having quite many of our alumni there made the event even better.


Elza Silina:

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to attend the first Riga Economic and Business Forum, which was offered by Leif Mutén Society. The forum was divided into three sessions, which were related to essential development and growth aspects in the Baltics: shadow economy and tax system, competitiveness and technology, and labour market and education. Each session was supplemented with an interactive panel discussion by leading professionals of all three Baltic countries in the related field. The main concerns were devoted to taxation reforms to decrease the burden of shadow economy, and it again reminded that improvement of this system highly influences the two other topics discussed in the forum. I gained invaluable experience that provided me with key aspects of each problem and different solutions in each country. This opportunity has broadened my horizons; and I could learn so much.

I was inspired how tight and supportive is the community of SSE Riga alumni. Apparently, some things do not change and Morten Hansen’s sense of humour can still make laugh almost all auditorium of alumni.  I will be honoured to be a part of this community after graduation.





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