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Who has never dreamed about opportunity to visit the University of Cambridge? Probably very few people. So I did. Cambridge is a symbolic place, it is sign of wisdom and world knowledge. Only best of the best studied there for the time of history.

When I received the email with my confirmation on participation in Cambridge IV 2016 I was amazed by this news. As well as very sad, because financially could not afford this trip. With the help of Leif Mutén Society and some other sources I was able to realize my dream to go to Cambridge.

15181577_207141929733109_1014291130290016053_nCambridge IV is the world famous and most prestigious debate tournament. Only best of the best have a chance to represent themselves, universities and their countries at this tournament. I was expected a lot, so the reality was even more.

That would be nothing to say that when you are debating with a team from Stanford and feel like your speech is not as bad in comparison to theirs, you feel nothing but honor. Such an event is a great opportunity to learn from the smartest people from around the globe, what I actually did. I decided that I should accumulate as much as possible from the opportunity to communicate with them.

2016-11-20-11-11-21I cannot go without saying that it is not only about debates. It is a lot about networking and socializing. I cannot express my excitement during communication with Cambridge students (surely not only Cambridge, but Oxford, Stanford and many others). It is also a lot about exploring. Exploring the world: how this highly ranked universities actually do. And you know: surprise-surprise they are absolutely different from what we used to think in terms of academic. I appreciate a lot this chance because of many reasons and not only mentioned above. This is much more than just a debate tournament. I can say that this is such a trip which can basically change the way of thinking or at least challenge your mind for some reasons. I recommend you to attend such an event. Even if you think you are not good enough, you are. Because there you can learn times as fast, you should just give it a try. I want to express my gratitude again to the Leif Mutén Society for the help and support in realizing my dream.

P.S. We move the world, so do not miss the chance to meet the people do the same.



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