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The New Generation of Leif Mutén Society
15 January

It has been 4 months since we welcomed three hard-working, ambitious and determined associates to our team and now it

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Valts Feldbergs: 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei
30 October

After “interesting” thirteen-hour flight and huge jet lag I was finally here, in Taipei. With no idea, what to expect

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Leif Mutén: Letter by Anders Paalzow
23 October

When Leif came to Riga in August 1997 to take up the position as Rector of SSE Riga, he had

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Elizabete Dikmane: 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei
17 October

They say that the dream of every athlete is participating in the Olympic games. Clearly, that is a target I

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Leif Mutén: Letter by Margareta Eklöf
9 October

Leif Mutén was born September 16, 1928. The family lived in a Stockholm suburb and after elementary school he continued

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Summer internship at Initiatives of Change, Caux 2016
24 February

There exists a four letter combination known only to the most honest, loving, pure and unselfish souls of the world.

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Artyom Semianchuk: Cambridge IV 2016
6 December

Who has never dreamed about opportunity to visit the University of Cambridge? Probably very few people. So I did. Cambridge

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Reinis Novickis & Elza Silina: Riga Economic and Business Forum
15 November

Reinis Novickis: To begin with, I would like to say a huge thank you to Leif Mutén Society and the

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Toms Talo: Nordic Baltic Business Forum
9 November

Nordic Baltic Business Forum 2016 was a quite new experience for me. The news that I have been selected came

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Nick Matusevich: DAPDI
8 September

The opportunity LMS offered to me to visit Dapdi was really valuable. It was a two week debating camp with

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